“This work is about seeing. When we look at the world we do not look once and see the whole picture. Our eyes move back and forth, they scan the scene, they return to areas of interest, and they skip over minute details. I wanted to focus on that sensation, so I photographed the buildings in a way I thought would represent the way I saw the building; first as an overall image, and then paying close attention to the details. The work in this series is meant to have that effect on the viewer. We do not always notice what our eyes are doing when we are seeing, but I have begun to pay attention to that phenomenon. The camera lens is my tool in doing so, I can use the rectangular view -finder as a way to segregate areas of interest and discover what is drawing my attention to a particular building. The spatial relationships of windows to doors, the balance that the placement of colors creates, the linear patterns of the textures on the exteriors, all attract the eye, but are rarely credited for doing so. In sectioning off individual areas of the building, the viewer is forced to see them the way they are photographed. They are forced to see beyond the shape of the building, and to examine what is often overlooked.” -From my senior thesis.

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